Awards won by the ANRED Website

The goal of Medinex is to create the most complete and trusted health-related community on the Internet. They strive to maintain the integrity of existing medical relationships while providing the online community with legitimate health information. Their standards are high, and ANRED is proud to be included as one of their indexed sites.
Encyclopedia Britannica has selected the ANRED site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability. Visit the Britannica Website to search for the same kind of information on any topic that interests you.
The Net is an endless library of information. 3clix assists people in finding information they need, especially when time is of the essence and unreliable information could result in added risk or harm. 3clix does this by having experts in each topic area rate and recommend the top-five most reliable sites available in a given topic, and makes it accessible from virtually any wired and wireless device worldwide. We are proud to have received the 3clix Award of Excellence.
Suite is a community-based best-of-the-web guide. They have selected ANRED to receive their Top 5 Best of Web Award, their highest tribute. We are proud to display their award.
Our friends in Canada think we are doing a good job too. HealthyWay is a Canadian organization dedicated to helping people get well and stay that way. They maintain a comprehensive, well organized Website that helps people quickly and easily find relevant information and services. Click on the award to see what they have to offer.
StudyWeb has been one of the Internet’s premier educational resources for students and teachers. Unfortunately their huge collection of information is not accessable at this time. ANRED won StudyWeb’s award twice: once for our entire site and again for our Obesity page.
The Mining Co.maintains a major web presence. They search out and list the best sites, making it easier for folks to find information. Visit the Mining Co. (now known as and explore their eating disorders and mental health sections.
Links2Go has gone from the web, but it used to offer website directories and an excellent search engine. Their staff analyzed and rated thousands of sites, accepting only the very best for inclusion on their lists. Although they are no longer available online, we continue to proudly display the award they gave us.
The human editors and search engines of have chosen the ANRED pages as a Best-of-the-Website. Visit to find information about many different topics. is a site that offers referrals to local attorneys. They describe their work as enabling “people in serious trouble to find solutions to their problems and create new possibilities for their lives.” When they gave us their award, they said, “ANRED was chosen as an award nominee because of its easily-navigated site design and its impressive array of helpful content for those concerned about eating disorders.”
Being cited in The Infography is truly an accolade — a college professor or other expert who specializes in research related to eating disorders has selected the ANRED Website as one of the very best resources available on the Internet.