Welcome to the ANRED website. We are a nonprofit organization that provides information about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other less-well-known food and weight disorders. Our material includes self-help tips and information about recovery and prevention.

How to use the ANRED website

About fifty documents are available here. Check the Table of Contents to see a list of the topics we cover. Print out anything you like, and as much as you like, but please do not change the pages in any way. Also, if you use our material in a report, paper, presentation, etc., please give us credit.

There are two easy ways you can find information on the ANRED site.

Number one: Go to the Table of Contents. Find the particular topic you want to learn about,and click on the link that will take you to it.

Number two: Begin on this page and read straight through to the end of the site by clicking on the Forward to the Next Page links at the bottom of every page.

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A note about privacy

We collect no information of any kind about visitors to our Website — no cookies, no guestbook, no statistics, nothing at all. Browse and print out as much as you like in total privacy. Your visit is not tracked or identified in any way.

Who are we? What are our credentials?

Read about ANRED, our mission, and our policies. Get background information on the people behind the name. If you want to check the credibility of our information, here is a good place to begin. You can also read through the third section of our bibliography. It contains a partial list of the reference materials we used in constructing this site.

Best wishes for health and happiness

A postscript about annoying pop-up ads

As you browse our site you may find your screen taken over by pop-up ads for diet products or weight related services. Those ads DO NOT come from us! They appear because the owners of your Internet service provider, or the search engine you use, or your browser, have, for a fee, allowed advertisers to link Websites to advertisements for so-called related products. We condemn this process but have no control over it. Thank you for your understanding.

If you want to get rid of pop-ups, go to the search engine Google and put “pop up killer” (without the quotation marks) in the search box. Then click on Google Search, and you will be taken to a list of applications that will block these intrusive windows. Find the one that seems to best meet your needs and follow site instructions for downloading or ordering.

ANRED has no relationship whatsoever with advertisers who use pop-up ads or with providers of pop-up-killer software.